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8 Ways To Unlock Your Heart For Love Again

We are born to love, no doubt about it. Whether you have been in 20 or 1 relationship, most of us want to have that loving feeling back in our lives. We seek that physical bond, touch, emotional and mental connection, and a deeper love.

We know what type of feeling we want to have, but it is the past bad, unhealthy, hurtful relationships that slow us down from moving forward in a new relationship.
Don’t let a broken heart affect you long term.

Learning to love again might be one of the most challenging things any of us do.

The good news is that it is possible.
The following tips or ideas might just help you unlock your heart for love again.

    1. Open Your HeartEven though the pain and heartbreak may still be with you, in order to love again you will need to open your heart.

      Be open to meeting others, be open to being vulnerable and be open to falling in love again.

      Love can only be possible if you are willing to receive it.


    1. Be Complete With YourselfYou will need to get to know yourself.

      Love yourself, forgive yourself and accept yourself.

      Your happiness includes self-realization, your love language, dreams and desires.


    1. Understand We Are All Broken And You Are Not AloneNone of us are perfect. We all have flaws. We are all ‘a work in progress.’

      The thing you will have to realize is that every single person will bring some type of baggage to any relationship.

      There’s no reason to feel guilty or ashamed because we are not perfect. There’s always room for improvement. Each of us brings a wealth of great things into each relationship.


    1. Fear No MoreIs fear holding you back? One way to overcome it is to recognize and then embrace it.

      Be honest with yourself. What is the worst that can happen if this fear came true? What are the real chances of it happening? What times have you overcome this type of fear before?

      Imagine what this love will be like if you were able to put the fear aside and go all in.


    1. Forgive Others Who Have Hurt YouThis will not come easy, but it is very important in moving forward to receive and love again.

      Holding grudges will not help you in the end. You are the only one that is suffering by holding a grudge.

      The letting go process could be done in writing, in person or just in your head. You will offer your forgiveness to them and appreciate what you have learned along the way with them. From there you can finally free yourself from those emotional chains and truly open your heart to love again.


    1. Choose To See The Positive In People Instead Of The NegativeDo you look at people’s faults first? What do you think would happen if you looked at their positives first? Seeing people for what they bring to the table will surely help open the door to loving again.

      Define what you want vs. what you really need.

      Keep in mind the positives the person you are seeing and not focus on what they don’t have.


    1. Do Things That You LoveBeing happy with life will make it easier to accept love again. Once you find the happiness inside and within yourself, your guard will come down. As a result, you will allow yourself to feel and experience what you desire.

      We cannot give what we don’t have. You cannot give love if you don’t love yourself.

      Which activities do you enjoy? Going to movies, karaoke, dancing, wine tastings, etc. Time goes by quickly. Make the most of it.


    1. Decrease your toughnessBeing closed off to others will not increase your chances for love again.

      I know it is easier to be tough to avoid being hurt, but what are you holding back by being closed off?

      You might be just missing out on the joy and deep love you desire most and above anything else.

      As tough as it is, being vulnerable is a must for any relationship to prosper.


If you work through these tips, a deep love might be just around the corner. It could change your life and love for years to come.