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Immediate Availability! | Florida 727-946-1346 |

Affair Recovery Therapy

You may think dealing with an affair/infidelity/cheating in your relationship is difficult.

You are correct.

Couples I meet with after a betrayal feel many ways: ashamed, anxious, embarrassed, angry, sad, shocked, depressed and find it very challenging to move forward. That is where I can help.

I have specialized in helping couples work through affairs or infidelity for nearly a decade.

Recovering from an affair is such a roller coaster. Betrayal can have such a huge impact on the couple and family’s future. Whether it was emotional or physical, there is a deep hurt that can take a long time to heal. We will spend time discussing the healing and recovery process of infidelity.


Those cheated on tell us they experience these 10 reactions:

  • Can’t sleep or concentrate
  • Constant thinking about what was happening… what the cheater was doing during the entire affair or the details of what they did together.
  • Avoid people who you don’t want to have to talk about the affair.
  • How or will I ever trust my partner again?
  • Cry at the drop of a hat
  • Constant reminders
  • Consumed by a sense of hurt and anger
  • Hypervigilant about all the partners past, present and future activities
  • A deep sense of loss
  • The “Five Stages of Grief”: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance

If asked before an affair almost everyone would say infidelity would end their relationship. After the affair though, lots of people think differently. They still want to be with their partner in the end.

Because of this hope to reconnect, rebuild, and restore the relationship, couples come see me at Best Hope Counseling in Minnesota committed and willing to work on whatever it takes.

In fact, many couples who get help report having an even better relationship after the affair.

I have worked with people of all ages and life challenges. There is just something special about seeing a couple reconnect, rebuild, and restore their relationship right there in front of me. What a sight it is watching a couple sit at opposite ends of the couch at the start of the session, but ever so inch closer during it.

I have been told by many couples during my almost decade of helping that they have not experienced this type of happiness in their relationship in years. I have had the honor of witnessing many memories between couples over the years. From holding hands for the first time in years to tears of joy because a partner heard the words of love from the other to seeing the smiles a couple shares after reconnecting from infidelity.

Take the lead and start the process. I welcome an opportunity to work with you two! You and your relationship deserve better.

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