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Couples Therapy

At a crossroads? Unsure how this relationship changed and more importantly how you can get back to that feeling that brought you two together in the first place?

What made this relationship work in the first place was that you were a priority for each other, you listened to each other, you felt loved and/or you did things that you enjoyed together.  You knew your partner had your back. You supported each other in this life you created as a couple.

For one reason or another it seems now like you two are just ‘there’. You sit in the same room but on opposite sides, only having surface level talk. You are even uncertain what to talk about because it just might end in yet another argument. You feel so disconnected, hurt, lonely, maybe even depressed, or anxious. There hasn’t been affection for weeks and even longer since sex.

You long for them to reach for you, touch, and fulfill your needs, wants and desires.

Sometimes things in life can get in the way of a great relationship. But you know this is a relationship you want to continue in, still be with this person and reconnect in a way that has been missing for a long time.

Here is what you can expect from me in therapy at Best Hope Counseling in Minnesota:

I will see each of you for one individual session at first, then we will be all together through the computer seeing and talking with each other. Most of our sessions will just be the three of us. There might be times though when I feel another individual session for one or both you might be helpful. I am direct, interactive (not a lot of silence or just nodding my head) and ask lots of questions.

I want to be clear with you on this very important fact.

There is HOPE and I can help. I have been helping couples reconnect, rebuild and restore their relationships for nearly a decade. There is no other Therapist that works the way I do with couples. I am committed to strengthening relationships.

Nearly 100% of my clients are couples. It is what I do best and love doing! Whether you are just dating, engaged, in a polyamorous relationship, have been married for 30-40 years or anything in between, my Solution Focused Talk Therapy approach helps couples+ gain that connection again.

IMPORTANT FACT: Fewer than 12% of Therapists specialize in Marriage & Family Therapy. We are the ONLY Clinicians specifically trained to work with the dynamics of a relationship.

I use a revolutionary approach to helping couples. It is called Solution Focused Talk Therapy. We will focus on your best hopes for your relationship and identify the steps to get you there.

You and I know all relationships start out in a positive light. They are built on love. Sometimes during relationships couples lose sight of their past successes, accomplishments and strengths that made that relationship work in the first place. We will identify what is right between you two and build a new future from there.

Take the lead and start the process. I welcome an opportunity to work with you two! Your relationship deserves better.

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