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Couples Counseling for One

Fact: Even without your partner attending couples counseling right now, you can still work on the relationship.

You will not however be able to change your partner, you can only change yourself.

So what can Couples Counseling for One do for you?

We will discuss your best hopes in the relationship and how you can use your past successes, accomplishments and strengths to solving problems.

Most couples report that when one partner changes and chooses to focus on being happy, the negative pattern shifts. One person can affect positive change. And when your partner sees this type of change, they may be more willing to go with you.

When your partner refuses to attend couples counseling, you might feel hurt and helpless.

We have heard the countless reasons, worries and fears why one partner is hesitant to attend marriage/couples counseling together even when they know they need help.

Here are just some of the reasons:

  • If we have to go to counseling it must be really bad.
  • I don’t want a counselor to tell me how to live my life.
  • I am not the problem, YOU’RE the problem.
  • YOU need help. I don’t need help.
  • You go first then maybeI will go.
  • If we go to counseling that is a precursor for divorce.
  • I don’t want the counselor to take sides.
  • Counseling is too expensive.
  • I know we need help, but let’s try X. Y, and Z first.
  • I don’t want to be told I am the wrong one.
  • Who knows if couples counseling will really help.

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