We are a virtual/telehealth private practice serving all of Minnesota & Florida. We are always accepting new clients.
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Always accepting new clients
Offering In-Person, Phone or Online Counseling, call us (727) 946-1346

What Others Have Said

“My husband and I are very happy we found you!”
– Female Client, Marriage Counseling

“I have not felt this way about my partner in years!”
– Male Client, Marriage Counseling

“Thank you for all of the work you do with us!”
– Female Client, Couples Therapy

“Hi Larry, I wanted to thank you for our last session. I think it was very helpful for me to think about my issues from a positive side. Since then I’ve seen a lot of progress. Things are definitely continuing to get better and being open and honest with myself is the best part.”
-Male Client, Individual Counseling

“You are so easy to talk with. That is so important to me.”
– Female Client, Individual Counseling

“We really appreciate you Larry!”
– Female Client, Marriage Counseling

“This has really been great for us.”
– Female Client, Marriage Counseling

“Awesome energy and different technique, very enjoyable.”
– Male Client, Individual Counseling

“Great guy. Questions you and make you think about yourself.”
– Female Client, Individual Counseling

“Larry is quick to respond. Larry asks very thought provoking questions and genuinely cares about the responses, delving deeper as needed. Larry is exactly what I need when I needed it!”
– Male Client, Individual Counseling